"...I've got a golden ticket!"

Students who go out of their way to do something positive at ACCA are celebrated! Our hallway is filled with Golden Tickets earned by students who exhibit role model behavior, make good choices, and grow from mistakes.


When a student receives a Golden Ticket from an ACCA staff member, they turn it in to Ms. Lusk, and immediately receive a prize. The Golden Ticket is displayed in the school hallway for all to see! For every Golden Ticket that a student earns in a 9 weeks, they are entered into a drawing for a Gift Card! The more positive behaviors, the greater chance that they can win. The student with the most Golden Tickets at the end of the year wins a trophy and a grand prize!


First 9 Weeks Golden Ticket Drawing Winner

         CJ Hammond, Junior


Second 9 Weeks Golden Ticket Drawing Winner

       Isaiah Butler, Freshman 

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