Your kid doesn’t fit into a box. They learn differently. They get lost in the typical public-school shuffle. Sometimes they feel like they don’t quite fit in.

In other words, we can’t wait to meet them.

Your child is unique…
& we love that about them.

Ashland County Community Academy believes in your child and in their ability to thrive. All it takes is a committed teacher who sees your child as the unique individual they are, identifies their learning style, and feeds into their gifts. We are certified, licensed, professional teachers who specialize in helping students in grades 7-12 shine because of, not in spite of, their unique learning needs.


Our school meets required state standards and awards standard high school diplomas, but all with a remarkably non-standard approach.

From our 12:1 student-teacher ratio to career/tech training and flexible scheduling that allows for extracurriculars and work, we are here to help your child achieve successes they may have never thought possible within the traditional school setting.

Learning is more than just a report card!

It’s about personal growth, life experience, and the choice to believe in yourself. ACCA will take your child there.


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