Should My Child Change Schools?

Should My Child Change Schools?

School should be a time of learning, connection, and self-discovery for kids, but some students experience the opposite, barely making it through the day because of the isolation and frustration they feel in a place that is anything but nurturing. While there is a time and a place for “toughing it out,” there also comes a point when your child may need an entirely new environment in order to thrive.

If your child is struggling in school, take some time to talk to them about their experiences and feelings. Combine that information with your own observations and insights to see if making a change is the best option. Your child doesn’t have to stay stuck.

Is Your Child Struggling Academically?

Academic struggles can quickly create a negative cycle. Your child may encounter some challenging material, receive a few low grades, then lose motivation when they see it’s almost impossible to make up those lost points. They may begin to feel labeled as a “bad student” and lower their own expectations for themselves, continuing the cycle of low self-esteem and poor academic performance. Often all a student needs is a little more time to grasp the material, a different approach to learning, or some one-on-one support from a teacher who sees their potential.

Is Your Child Struggling Socially?

Social challenges are a part of normal teenage life. However, when those challenges turn into long-term struggles–including bullying–it can take a toll on emotional health and academic success. Students need to feel safe and included in order to learn and thrive. Feelings of isolation can make a child lose motivation. If they are invisible to the world, how can they change it? Why even bother trying? A fresh start at a new school that takes the time to nurture meaningful relationships can make all the difference.

Does Your Child Have Hope for the Future?

Academic and social struggles can wear a student out to the point that they have trouble finding the energy to look ahead. Does your child talk about their hopes and dreams for college, trade school, or a certain career? Do they have goals in place for what they want to accomplish in adulthood? While it’s normal, and healthy, to live in the moment, there should also be some excitement for what’s ahead. If your child doesn’t seem to think they have potential for a happy and productive future, they may need a new school environment to motivate them to find their strengths and shine.

Should your child change schools? It can be a difficult decision for the family but one worth looking into to help your child be their best. Take the quiz below to dig a little deeper and see if now is the time to switch.

Take the Quiz: Is It Time for Your Child to Change Schools?

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