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ACCA will build upon every student's skill set and assist them in growing into independent thinkers and goal-oriented individuals.

ACCA Believes in Learner-Centered Curriculum

Because ACCA values your child's individual learning style and needs, classes are structured to enable them to reach their goals. Through interest-based, differentiated lessons, students have access to smaller class sizes, personalized instruction, and have the ability to build meaningful relationships. 

ACCA is a brick-and-mortar school that offers a variety of educational pathways based on your child's needs. Although students have access to online coursework through Credit Flexibility options, ACCA is a classroom-based learning institution, not an online or blended school. We focus primarily on those students who struggle in a traditional learning environment, which can cause them to fall behind, have poor attendance, or create social-emotional issues. Our staff works intensively to make students feel safe, in a unique learning environment, while offering various support services and after school programming. 


ACCA Educational Programs 

Drop Out Recovery and Prevention Program

*Appropriate for students who are between 16 years-21 years of age and behind one grade level 

-Credit Recovery, Credit Flex Options, Career Based Intervention, Work-Based Learning, Flexible School Schedule, Alternative Pathways to Graduation (Capstone, 120 Work or Community Service Hours, Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal)

Traditional Educational Pathway

*9th-12th Grade/Standards-Based Curriculum 

-Smaller Class Sizes, Differentiated Instruction and Hands-on Learning, Credit Flex Options, Career and College Readiness, ACT Prep, Work-Based Learning, Community Service, Student Success Program, Alternative Pathways to Graduation (Capstone, 120 Work or Community Service Hours, Ohio Means Jobs Readiness Seal)

7th and 8th Grade Program

*Limited Space Available/Intensive Junior High Program

-Small 7/8 Grade Cohort, Standards-Based Instruction in Core Classes, Differentiated Instruction and Hands-on Learning, Ability to earn High School Elective Credits, Career Connections Program, DARE Program 

Career Tech Center Opportunities

*Students in 11th or 12th Grade who choose a Career Tech Pathway and want to complete required core content coursework at ACCA

-Enrolled in Regular Education Courses 1/2 day at ACCA, Enrolled in Career Tech Courses 1/2 day at the Career Center 




Forensics Class




Reach Out

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In order to learn about your child's options, schedule an appointment today to tour our building, visit our classrooms, and inquire about our unique learning opportunities.



Find success at ACCA

Everyone deserves a chance to succeed!

It may take some students longer than others, but ultimately ACCA believes in you! 

ACCA will provide the resources necessary to help your child succeed in the classroom and the real-world.

We’re here to walk with your child all the way to graduation day.


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