You Have a Choice

Your student doesn’t have to fit the mold of crowded hallways, 8-3 schedules, and teachers too overwhelmed to build relationships beyond the classroom. At ACCA, we believe molds are made to be broken!

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Learn at ACCA - Ashland County Community Academy

An ACCA student has choices:

Traditional classroom or career/tech training?

Full-time school or work study?

Whatever your child’s needs, they will receive personalized learning through small class sizes and teachers who will invest in getting to know their gifts, learning styles, and goals.


As practitioners of holistic education, ACCA believes in educating the whole child rather than focusing only on academic standards.

Our students receive trauma-informed care and are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, such as art and music, Cross Fit training, student council, and community service. At ACCA, your student will learn for life.

Learn at ACCA - Ashland County Community Academy

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You have a choice in your child’s education. When you call, we’ll do the legwork to help your child make a move. Call 419.903.0295 today to get started.

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Tour The Classroom Learning Environment At Ashland County Community Academy


See what ACCA is all about! Come in for a tour, learn about your options, and get a sense of the casual learning environment. We’re open to who you are and care about your comfort and ability to learn - not your hat or hairstyle.


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When you’re ready, start the application process! We’re here to help make this transition as smooth as possible. After you’ve enrolled, we’ll meet to talk through your student’s needs and develop a plan that fits you.

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Graduate From Ashland County Community Academy


Ultimately, you want your child to graduate. Graduation unlocks a world of opportunity for your son or daughter. The teachers and staff at ACCA are here to provide all of the resources and support your child needs to succeed - all they have to do is meet us halfway.

This isn’t your child’s last chance for success.

Each of us has been there and faced the school of hard knocks. We all face hard
challenges in life and deserve second, third, fourth, and fifth chances.
We’re here to walk with your child all the way to graduation day.

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